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Birchstone Investments, LLC (“BSI”) is a real estate investment and management firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina, that specializes in acquiring and operating multifamily assets that are undervalued or under-performing. We target properties that promise both current operational income and robust capital appreciation in markets with positive demographics, strong submarket rent and occupancy growth.

BSI relies on a strong network of brokerage and financial contacts in its select markets to purchase properties off-market, directly from their owners, or on the open market.

Our business model

We focus on acquisition of optimally located value-add Class B and Class C properties in the United States in emerging markets. Our target complexes contain 50 units or greater that can be held for 5 to 7 years or longer for cash flow and appreciation, after which they are sold for a profit. Currently, we are targeting properties primarily in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states. In addition, we periodically consider properties in other areas of the United States that meet our investment criteria.

BSI’s typical investors are accredited or non-accredited, sophisticated investors looking for better returns than they may currently be earning in traditional investments and want to take advantage of the benefits of professionally managed investment-grade multifamily real estate without the hassles of dealing with day-to-day property operations.

Why multifamily? Why now?

A continued growing demand for workforce housing makes this a prime time for investing in well-chosen multifamily real estate projects in emerging U.S. markets. We have the experience, insight and partner connections to capitalize on opportunities in this area and deliver healthy returns for investors.

Strategic differentiators

We employ advisers and consultants with specialized training, knowledge and experience, along with state-of-the-art analysis techniques, to identify and vet potential markets and properties to ensure they meet our acquisition criteria prior to investing. 

Numerous factors contribute to BSI’s market evaluation process, including such things as population growth, valuation trends, occupancy trends, demographic composition, economic conditions, local demand and supply trends. However, real estate market fundamentals constantly shift, so we will remain vigilant regarding changes in the multifamily market and adjust our strategies as appropriate to match ever-changing market conditions and the goals of our investors.

Our mission

At Birchstone Investments our mission is to provide a consistent flow of high-quality investment opportunities that minimizes risk, preserves capital, and delivers superior returns for our investing partners.

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